Local Business Spotlight: Melissa Goodland Photography

Folsom is a wonderful city with amazing people and businesses. Each month I sit down with a local business owner to get their story and find out what makes their business unique and how they play a part in making Folsom a great place to live.


This Month’s Featured Business:

LogoMelissa Goodland Photography

211 Greenbush Ave

Folsom, CA 95630

(916) 390-6627





Action ShotWhen she was young, Melissa discovered an old camera that belonged to her dad. From that point on she fell in love with photography and it became a huge part of her life. As the years progressed, Melissa mostly took photos for fun. During college she often took pictures for family events as well as various landscape photos.

After college Melissa began a career as a preschool teacher. While working as a teacher, Melissa had the opportunity to photograph many of her students and their families. As word spread, the demand for her services grew and in 2008, she made the transition from teaching preschool to starting her own photography business.

Melissa had never planned on becoming a photographer. She believed that if you are passionate about something it will find you. This was definitely the case with her newly founded photography business. During the beginning stages, Melissa established her photography company independently. Through extensive education as well as a great deal of trial and error, the foundation for her company Melissa Goodland Photography was laid. Although she worked primarily on her own, she has a great system of family and friends to which she says she is indebted to for their enduring moral support.


All About Families

Portrait Melissa’s specialization as a family photographer developed naturally through her relationship with the people she met while teaching, as well as her love for children. Today, Melissa Goodland Photography offers a wide range of services including maternity, newborn, kids, families and other family related sessions. She also has significant experience with corporate and professional photography.Family

As her business has grown, Melissa has experienced a great deal of success in Folsom and the surrounding areas. She has effectively turned what was once a hobby into a thriving business. One of the main factors she contributes to her accomplishments is her focus on quality photography. She understands that photography is a highly competitive business and to stand out she must deliver her best work 100% of the time. For Melissa, her photography is a form of art. She says, “it is more about creating an experience and a memory, not just a nice photo.”

NewbornMelissa believes in the importance of going above and beyond for her clients. Because she knows that many of her photos will be on display in her clients’ homes, she actually snaps a picture of the area where the photos will be placed and uses it to help her client create a display design to showcase their special photos.

Melissa says that the most rewarding part about managing her business is the reaction of her clients after viewing their photos for the first time. To witness the satisfaction and appreciation they have after she has captured that special moment for them is an amazing feeling.


To the Future

UPMelissa will to continue to grow her business by focusing on the same values she started with; being passionate about her artwork and delivering quality service and products every time. In the future, she plans to open a studio for onsite sessions, offer more service options to her clients, more products for sharing and displaying the photos, as well as an enhanced experience for clients.




Check out Her Work

The quality of Melissa’s work truly speaks for itself. Check it out for yourself at:



Instagram:  @melissagoodlandphoto



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