Local Business Spotlight: Folsom City CrossFit

Folsom is a wonderful city with amazing people and businesses. Each month I sit down with a local business owner to get their story and find out what makes their business unique and how they play a part in making Folsom a great place to live.

This Month’s Featured Business:

FCCF LogoFolsom City CrossFit

63 Natoma St. #150 Folsom, CA 95630
(916) 983-5756
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Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with Stephen Camozzi, one of the co-founders and owners of Folsom City CrossFit (FCCF). He shared with me the story of how FCCF got its start and how it’s grown into one of the most popular and successful health clubs in Folsom. Here is his story…


Stephen Camozzi and wife Gina

It all began with a love for fitness. From the most recent fitness programs to the latest nutrition and meal plans, Stephen Camozzi and his good friend Mike Cuevas tried it all. There was hardly anything they hadn’t at least attempted. Health and fitness were a big part of their lives and daily routines, but they felt they had become stagnate in their normal workout regimens. They were tired of doing the same old “3 sets of 10” type of workouts.

One day Stephen’s wife Gina was introduced to a new type of workout through a fire-fighter friend. After Gina shared what she had learned with him, Stephen and a couple of friends decided to give CrossFit a try. They were already in pretty good shape and considered themselves athletes, so they figured this “CrossFit” would be a piece of cake.

They soon realized how wrong they were. The first time they tried a CrossFit workout it “crushed them”. They had finally found a workout unlike anything they had done before and they loved it! It was challenging, fun and created an overall wellness that nothing before had compared to. They began mimicking programs from various CrossFit websites, gained knowledge through word of mouth and attended sessions at other gyms to further educate themselves about this great new workout.

Mike Cuevas and fiance Melanie

As their love for the sport developed, they began sharing what they had learned with others. As their knowledge and skill grew, so did their following. They soon realized how much they enjoyed not only doing the workout but

teaching it to others as well.

In 2009, Stephen and Mike decided to turn their passion for CrossFit into a business. After receiving official CrossFit affiliation, they took their expanding groups to do the workouts at local parks and schools and were regularly conducting sessions out of Stephen’s home garage. In 2010, with a following of around 30 people and about $150 worth of equipment purchased off Craigslist, they knew they needed more space for their growing business.

In 2011, FCCF got its first official location: a small office space of about 1000 square feet. As their business continued to gain popularity, they soon outgrew that space and in 2012 they opened the doors to their current location at 63 Natoma St. in Folsom.

Goal and Mission of FCCF

FCCF Team PhotoFCCF has a very clear mission and vision for their company:

They seek to deliver a positive and challenging fitness program through high-quality coaching and community building to improve lives and empower individuals to overcome life’s physical and mental challenges.

They have built their club around three main concepts:

1. Results,
2. Nutrition,
3. Community

Folsom City CrossFit prides itself on being a community of people who make fitness and nutrition a lifestyle, not just a workout routine.

What is CrossFit?WOD

CrossFit is many things. Primarily, it’s a fitness regimen characterized in a meaningful, measurable way. CrossFit itself is defined as that which optimizes fitness (constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity).

CrossFit routines incorporate high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, girevoy sport, calisthenics, strongman exercises and other exercises.

DWOD Lake Day

CrossFit is also the community that spontaneously arises when people do these workouts together. In fact, the communal aspect of CrossFit is a key component of why it’s so effective.

There are certain terms and workouts generally associated with CrossFit. For example, a WOD is the Workout of the Day. This is the main body of work that will be completed

during the day’s class. Other terms include Metcon or Metabolic Conditioning, Cash In and Cash Out or warm up and cool down and unique to FCCF, DWOD or Destination Workout of the Day (an offsite workout).

What to Expect at FCCF

The programs and classes offered at FCCF are designed for all ages and all levels of fitness. More importantly, it is for people who take their health and fitness seriously but are also light-hearted, open-minded and fun.

What Makes FCCF Different?Coaches

Stephen told me, “All CrossFit gyms typically have the same objective and methodology. But the real difference maker for FCCF is our culture. Our people are the best and the environment we have created is not the typical stuffy, serious “cult-like” CrossFit gym. We work hard and we play hard. It’s a community of light-hearted, fun and easy going people, but we also get results. We offer a good work out and good times.”

Considering a membership?

Many people know of CrossFit and think it might be something they could get into, but they aren’t sure how to get started. Here is a run-down on how FCCF works…

For Newbies

It can be intimidating trying a new sport or fitness routine, especially one that focuses on group exercise. But FCCF does a great job of walking new members through the process and making them feel comfortable. New members start off with a two-week Foundations class. This is an introduction to CrossFit and an entry level course that reviews fundamental movements, establishes a nutrition plan and assesses the member’s current physical abilities.  After completion of the Fundamentals class, the member joins the general group for regular sessions.

Coach LianeSo how does it work?

Something new is learned every day. The WOD is general but each individual works at their own pace and skill level. Amateur level members do the same workout as more veteran level members, they simply adjust the workout to their own comfort level, and over-time they will gradually develop the strength to challenge themselves and increase the intensity. Coaches are aware of members needs and ensure they are within their comfort zone.  Members typically work with others who are at a similar level.

What’s with the Group Workouts?

Stephen explains that community is the most powerful tool. Those who are nervous about the group aspect or working out in front of others should realize that camaraderie is probably the most effective element of working out. “People elevate their fitness level because of the support and encouragement they get from others. There is also an accountability aspect of the group atmosphere that helps people propel their fitness—not to mention you get to meet some really great people and potentially form friendships and relationships with others that you wouldn’t otherwise create working out on your own at a regular gym.”

The Future of FCCF

CrossFit KidsFCCF has grown substantially over the last few years. They currently have six coaches (including Stephen and Mike) as well as an independent, on-site personal trainer. Their future plans include offering extended services and more options for members. For example, they are forming a program geared toward kids. They also plan to grow their community presence by offering programs to local recreational and high school sports programs.

By seizing an opportunity and taking a risk on something they loved, Stephen and Mike turned their hobby and passion for fitness into a thriving business.

For More Information

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about FCCF and what they have to offer, the best thing to do is drop by. Swing by the gym and speak directly to a coach. They can give you more perspective on what CrossFit is all about and how it could work for you.

For additional information such as class schedules, getting to know the coaches and pricing, visit www.folsomcitycrossfit.com, or call (916) 983-5756.


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Article by: Brittany Banning