10 Bizarre (but real) Listing Photos

Most people know that when you sell a house it is important to take good pictures of the home. Apparently these people didn’t get the memo.



These people are going with the “more the better” decorating style.


I guessing a man was not responsible for this.

Like Red Much

Like red much?

Horrible Paint job

Honey, don’t you think this room would look great in neon green with a puke-green faux finish?

Freak Room

It might be best to make this room a little more “family friendly” before taking pictures. Just a thought.

Feet Photo

Listing description reads: “Picture yourself lounging by the pool in the resort-style backyard.” Eeew.

DIY Crackle Paint

A tip for future home sellers…don’t do DIY crackle paint…please.


Clutter Galore


Clutter Galore 2

I’m feeling claustrophobic just looking at this picture.

Busy Bathroom

Apparently having ample seating in the bathroom is a little more important than access to the shower.