Getting Ready to Sell Your Home


Getting Ready to Sell

If you are thinking about selling your home, you can maximize your profit by getting your home “Fit-to-Sell”. Before putting your home on the market, review the items below and take some time making your home shine! You will be glad you did.

Home Staging is a service that highlights the best features of your home to make it standout above the competition and to maximize the sales potential. It is the process of preparing the interior and exterior of any house for sale. Staging seeks to optimize the selling power of any house by arranging the furnishings and possessions in a way that makes the house even more appealing to a buyer. You want to highlight the house’s best features and to down play any possible distractions. Regardless of price or location, large or small, vacant or lived-in, staging can drastically improve the chances of selling your home for top dollar.

Staging costs range depending on your needs and budget. Your realtor can arrange a consultation with a stager to discuss your specific situation.

Price it Right and Look Better than the Competition will not over-pay, but they will pay a premium for “the best” real estate property on the market.

Before buyers decide to buy, they need to mentally move their own belongings into the home. If a home has too much or too little in it, it is difficult for most buyers to visualize how their own belongings will look in the home. We would like to think people are logical and can look past our personal belongings or have imagination with an empty home. But the truth is when they view your house, they are usually only there for 10-15 min. So for most, it is hard to paint a picture imagining themselves living in the home. With such a limited amount of time to make a first impression it is important to make it a good one. Most people buy on emotion; therefore we want to emotionally connect them to your home.

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Today the selling process can be surprisingly time-consuming and emotionally challenging. Speaking with your agent and discussing steps to prepare can drastically reduce the stress you may feel. Here are a few things your agent will likely share with you to get your home ready to list:

1. Repairs and Maintenance are always looking for a deal, so making sure all necessary repairs and maintenance are done will help to eliminate their negative checklist. Consider getting a home and/or pest inspection prior to listing your home to find out what repairs need to be done. Being able to provide clear reports is also an incentive for buyers.

2. Depersonalize packing early! Buyers need to envision themselves living in your home. To help them achieve this vision, you should remove all distractions by packing away personal photos and collectibles. This will allow buyers to imagine the home as their own and not someone else’s. One rule of thumb is to clear all horizontal surfaces as much as possible. This includes bathroom counters, kitchen counters, dresser tops, etc.

3. Odors have only one chance to make a great first impression. If buyers walk into your home and smell smoke, pets, or strong cooking odors, or trash they may be turned off and either cross your home off their list, or reduce their offer price. Even if they love every other aspect of your home, some people cannot get past a bad smell.


4. Disconnect Emotionally that you’ve decided to sell your home, try to start thinking of yourself as a business person and a home seller, rather than a home owner. By looking at the transaction from a purely financial prospective, you’ll distance yourself from the emotional aspects of selling a property in which you’ve undoubtedly created many memories.

Also, try to remember how you felt when you were shopping for your home. Most buyers will also be in an emotional state. You are selling not just a piece of property, but also an image—a dream and a lifestyle.

 5. Dirty Homes home’s first impression is a lasting one, so show potential buyers that your home has been well maintained by making sure it sparkles. Dirty homes are a big turnoff for buyers. Do a thorough deep clean of your entire home or hire a cleaning service. Make sure every square inch has been addressed.


Tip: Make sure to pay close attention to the condition of the front door and hardware. This is the first interaction your potential buyer will have with your home. If the door is weathered, hard to open, or otherwise unattractive, it sends a negative signal to the buyer.

6. Showing a room’s proper function. can have a hard time visualizing how furniture can fit into a room, so you need to show them. If you have your dining room set up as a kids’ play room, most buyers will not be able to see themselves enjoying family dinners in that space. Talk to your agent or staging consultant, they can advise you on the best way to utilize your rooms.

7. Poor Light lit rooms can be a turnoff for most buyers, especially during evenings or overcast days, and dark corners can make a room feel smaller. To brighten up a room, add more light fixtures. Open or remove window treatments, trim any trees or shrubs blocking the windows, or repaint darker rooms with a color that reflects light.

8. Updates we are seeing and growing segment of buyers willing to spend the extra money to get an updated and well maintained home that is in move-in-ready condition. Making strategic investments in your home will increase your equity, and help sell your home faster and for more money. 


9. Complete the Prep Before Listing buyers who are interested in your home will view it within the first two weeks after the listing is published. This is your best chance to get an offer from an active buyer who has been out looking for just the right home. There are many agents who “jump the gun” and activate MLS listings before they are ready, including publishing without any photos of the home!

10. The for Sale Sign variety of reasons, some sellers prefer not to have a for sale yard sign. Home buyers routinely explore neighborhoods without an agent and will drive right past your listing and call on the one down the street. A yard sign can significantly improve your chance of attracting the right buyer who already likes your neighborhood.


11. Hard to show easier the home is to show, the more showings you will have. The more conditions that a seller makes, before an agent can show a home, the fewer showings. Unfortunately, buyers don’t always plan ahead and want to see homes on their schedule. The closer they are to making a buying decision, the more impatient they will be. Make it easy for buyers to see your home. While on the market, always have your home in showing condition and be ready for showings at a moment’s notice.


These are just a few of the important things to consider before putting your home on the market. If you are planning to sell, contact me. I can help you maximize your profit by helping you avoid many common slip ups.